Physics Made Easy

Video Lessons

Strengthen your fundamentals!

Particle Physics

The standard Model of particle physics, reactions between particles, Feynman Diagrams.
Explore the World of the Tiny !

Fundamentals in Physics

Strengthen the basics so that you can truly understand physics, and realise how it is awesome !
Solidify your Foundations !


Discover the marvels of our Universe. Then, when you’ll look up , you will not see the night sky the same way…
Fasten your Seatbelt !


It has been more than a century that electrical sciences are at the heart of our lives: 
Understand Electricity ! 


Newtonian mechanics it at the heart of every day physics. Understand motion, forces, energy and momentum.
Become a crack at mechanics !

Physics of the Atom

Atoms are a nucleus surrounded by electrons. This is the story of how these interact and give you colors…
Dive in the atom now !

1-Minute Physics

Short entertaining videos about 1 fundamental principle of Physics
Time for 1 minute of Physics!