Physics Made Easy

Physics Made Easy

Explore the Universe and Ace at your Exams !
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Studying physics is a fascinating journey where the human mind explores how the universe works.

Unfortunately, this is not what most high school students feel… Often, students perceive Physics like a difficult topic, sometimes incomprehensible. Nothing could be further from the truth…

And this is where Edouard Reny, PhD, tutor in Physics and founder of “Physics Made Easy” comes in… 

Online Courses

Master the fundamentals of the curriculum you are studying at school and ace at your exams! 

Video Lessons

Explore a large array of video lessons aiming at helping you with your study of Physics.

Exam Training

A physics test soon? Prepare pen, paper and calculator and head on to the exam training videos.

Edouard offers online courses in physics and provides tuition on a 1-on-1 basis and in small groups.

His teaching approach is structured around highly dynamic sessions:

The resulting interactions allow Edouard to identify the difficulties the student is experiencing and then customize a pedagogical remedy.

This very natural approach, mixing psychology and empathy, has had tremendous results up to now: 100% exam pass out of around 80 students!

Edouard uses this experience to structure his online courses so that all students can benefit  from this successful approach. 

If you wish to benefit from Edouard’s tuition service, please contact him to inquire about his current availability.


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Whether it is via free video lessons, online courses, or more directly through a 1-on-1 tuition, Edouard opens the student’s eyes to the fact that a good understanding of Physics is attainable by everyone.

At that point, school grades go up, of course… But more importantly, some students get their minds blown when they realize how stunning the world we live in actually is!

And in the end, many of them decide to include Physics in their University studies.

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