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About Edouard Reny

Founder of Physics Made Easy

Academic Years (1989 – 2001)

The scientific life of Edouard Reny started at University where he graduated with a masters in physical-chemistry technology, a material science engineering diploma (Specialty superconductivity), and a PhD is solid state chemistry. After that, Edouard travelled to Japan where he completed a post doctorate on high pressure high temperature material synthesis. 

During these academic years, he enjoyed many opportunities to teach chemistry, physics and mathematics at high school level, but also taught crystallography at University.

Industrial Years (2002 – 2013)

Back in Europe, Edouard entered the industrial world as a research chemist in a major water treatment company. Again, during that period, he supported trainees preparing their masters, but also taught experienced professionals in his research field (electrochemical technologies).

Edouard Reny, PhD in Solid State Chemistry, Tutor in Physics, Music Producer

Independance (2013 – …. )

Finally, in 2013, Edouard decided to change path and become independent by creating a company Synaptic-Machines initially focused on music production for media. If you are curious, you can visit the music production side of his activity here.

Edouard Reny, Singer Song-Writer and Music Producer

On the side, he started tutoring a few students in Physics at the international school nearby. The progress of these students was considered extraordinary. The number of students sharply increased, shadowing down his musical activities.

Yes, despite the financial gains music production was providing, Edouard felt much more rewarding to see his students rise and bloom! This is when he decided to dedicate himself to teaching physics for high school. That was 6 years ago.

Edouard Reny, Tutor in Physics, ordering a Big Bang


Today, Edouard supports many students every week, mostly on a one to one basis, but also in small groups, or even full classes. With a teaching agenda very often full, he realised he couldn’t help physically every student in need.

This is why he started producing online courses, focused around a pedagogy he knowns works in real life: He remembered the difficulties he encountered as a high school student, and recognizes them in today’s students. This experience allowed him to devise an approach to teaching physics that is extremely effective, and yet still provides the student with an enjoyable learning experience.

This is the key to his success.

Edouard Reny, PhD in Solid State Chemistry, Tutor in Physics, Music Producer
If you wish to contact Edouard for a private tuition, you can enquire of his availability by contacting him directly.
You can also visit the website dedicated to his tutoring activities for more information.