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How to solve physics problems with Forces

Get ready to see your understanding of dynamics skyrocket! 

Have you ever been stuck when trying to answer a high school physics question where forces are involved?

Maybe you are clueless on how to begin, or you often get stuck at a certain point?

Well, this course is there to solve that problem!


Structure of the course 

This course is structured in 3 sections.

The first three episodes contain a summary of the 5 steps and 2 solved examples. The goal of this first section is to for you to get an overview of the technique before diving into the details.

The second section consists in 6 lesson videos. The process of applying each step is presented in detail and in various situation. The conceptual and mathematical tools required to carry out each single step are also presented (1 step = 1 video + 1 extra video about the manipulation of vectors). You will learn here how to draw a free body diagram, how to express a resultant force mathematically, how to manipulate vectors, when and how to apply Newton’s Laws etc…

Lesson about Forces - online course on Newtonian forces y;

The third section is your play-ground! You will find 8 exercises for you to train your skills in applying the 5-step technique to solve physics problems. After giving you a chance to solve each question yourself, the presenter carries out a detailed correction on the white board. This section also contains a video lesson about mechanical friction forces.

What you will gain by taking this course

If you follow this class till the end, and carry out all the exercises diligently, you will gain more than just the ability to solve mechanics problems.

By doing so, you will realize that Physics is actually pretty easy to handle: the patterns of thinking presented in this course are commonly used in many areas of physics, and could be very useful to you in your studies.

Level of this course

The level of this course corresponds to the last years of High School Physics Programs. This makes it an ideal tool as support for the lessons you get at school, and to prepare any High School Diplomas in Physics, like for example IB Physics, A-Level Physics, AP Physics etc.

It is also a great tool for University students and engineers to revisit the vary basics of mechanics. As a researcher myself, I realized that refreshing the basics does bring new perspectives!

Exercise with Forces - online course on Newtonian forces y;
Exercises with Forces - online course on Newtonian forces y;

Detailed content

Section 1: The 5-step technique to solve physics problems with forces (Introduction)
  • Episode 1: The 5-step technique in a nutshell
  • Episode 2: Solved example in 1 dimension
  • Episode 3: Solved example in 2 dimensions
Section 2: The 5 steps in detail (Lesson Videos)
  • Episode 4: Free Body Diagrams (Step 1)
  • Episode 5: Defining the Axes (Step 2)
  • Episode 6: Manipulating Vectors
  • Episode 7: Expressing the Net Force (Step 3)
  • Episode 8: Applying Newton’s Laws (Step 4)
  • Episode 9: Solving the Problem
Section 3: Applying the 5-step technique (Exercise Videos)
  • Episode 10: Tensions & Ropes (Exercise 1)
  • Episode 11: Connected Blocks (Exercise 2)
  • Episode 12: A Block on a Slope (Exercise 3)
  • Episode 13: Understanding Friction (Lesson Video)
  • Episode 13B: Friction on an inclined plane (Exercise 4)
  • Episode 14: The Elevator (Exercise 5)
  • Episode 15: The Crate and the Pit (Exercise 6)
  • Episode 16: The Flea Jump (Exercise 7)
  • Episode 17: The Asymmetric Rope (Exercise 8)

Master the manipulations of Forces and finally get your grips on Mechanics

Beef up your skills at solving Physics problems!

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